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Convenient, timely, and

cost-effective healthcare that invites member and affiliate participation


Offer services in your own image and customize your practices to meet the needs of your members.

Applications can range from traditional urgent care to behavioral health, diabetes management, nurse lines, weight management, lactation counseling, and more.

Emergency Ward

Build your personalized service platform with your brand

Expand support to your suppliers

Allow your affiliated provider groups to provide better services through telehealth services to serve your affiliates, use our doctors for your staffing needs,

Or take advantage of both!


Know all the benefits of

Don't wait any longer to be part of

  • Geo-location of your establishment

  • Membership status verification portal

  • Interface with your supplier catalog

  • First contact care (optional)

  • Referral of cases to medical direction or authorized provider

  • Frequency reports and user profile

  • Credentialed providers

  • Physician registration

  • Affiliate registration

  • Interface to the institution's website

  • Health promotion and cost reduction strategies through digital health

2 modalities

  • Annual membership
  • Payment per affiliate monthly
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