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Serving the community in times of pandemic
Video Conference

Telehealth as an ally

Telehealth can help as a multiplier factor of the public response to contain the pandemic.

Together with the main health institutions, insurers and health administrators, SanaVirtual seeks to be a strategic ally in the fight against this epidemic. During these uncertain times, we are committed to providing high-quality telehealth and improving the lives of patients and their families at risk or affected by COVID-19.

Doctor Examining CT Scan

COVID-19 Telehealth Solutions


SanaVirtual offers a turnkey telehealth solution that has its own network of providers or affiliated clinics and institutions, providing patients with access at all times to their medical network and affiliated specialists, to their file, with the information reliable scientific for your use at the time you need it.

Information on COVID-19



Health Secretary

Happy Family
Wants to provide a  unique health care experience through telehealth in a simple and reliable way, for the patient, the doctor and the clinic, taking care of the personal and health information of the patient.
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