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The Medical Attention you Need at your Fingertips. Wherever you Are, With the Best Safety and Quality Conditions.
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Primary care is highly effective for the management of endemic and chronic diseases.

Through access to comprehensive, timely, continuous, coordinated, people-centered health care for individuals, families, and communities.

How Does it Work?

Sana virtual has 3 modalities for teleconsultation:


  • By event

  • Monthly Service

  • Annual Membership


What Do I Get With Sana Virtual?

  • Symptom classification (prioritizing)

  • 24/7 clinical guidance to the patient

  • Appointments (24/7 agenda)

  • Medical advice through Teleconsultation (wherever you are)

  • Online payment (discounted rate)

  • Digital medical record

  • Lab and Radiology Requests

  • X-ray image viewer

  • Sending an electronic prescription to the pharmacy of your choice

  • Electronic signature

  • e-commerce system

  • Home delivery of prescription

  • Automatic replenishment for chronic treatments

  • Alerts system for your appointment

  • Treatment monitoring

  • Side effects notification

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And More Benefits
at Your Fingertips

  • Free and secure access through personal data to a certified network of health services professionals

  • Easy access platform from any device connected to the Internet

  • Consultation of the personal file at all times

  • SMS alerts notifying that you have a scheduled consultation

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Wants to provide a  unique health care experience through telehealth in a simple and reliable way, for the patient, the doctor and the clinic, taking care of the personal and health information of the patient.
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