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The digital transformation and the integration of services in favor of the patient with the safest and most advanced technology for the management of digital prescriptions attached to the regulations


Whether it is an independent pharmacy, a group or chain of pharmacies, we offer you the electronic prescription management platform based on the best practices of:

  • Electronic signature

  • Geo-location of your establishment

  • Portal for verification of the status of electronic prescription and medicines

  • Management of "electronic" book for health authorities

  • List for patient choice

  • Connection to your point of sale and / or electronic commerce system

  • Consultation of documents

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  • Free registration

  • Credentialing

  • Physician enrollment

  • Patient enrollment

  • Interface to the organization's website

  • Reports and statistics of clients and products

Annual Membership

  • Free registration of affiliated doctors and professionals
  • Institutional image management
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