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Strategies to preserve mental health amid the pandemic (Spanish)


Host: Dr. Alejandro Hernández, Vice-rector of ITAM Participates : Dra. Mónica Arienti González, highly specialized psychiatrist of the National Institute of Psychiatry

Moderator: Rosa Díaz, Deputy Director of Attention to Mental Health at ITAM

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Mental health and personal self-care in times of the coronavirus (Spanish)

by DW Akademie


The constant flow of news, the confinement, the lack of being able to see themselves live with friends and family and the fear of being infected can become anguish for many during this pandemic that we are experiencing.

What can we do to protect our mental health during the covid-19 pandemic? Psychologists Francisco Sandoval and Denise Otter from the NGO Interteam give us some practical advice. The webinar is hosted by Vera Freitag , DW Akademie Project Coordinator.

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by Faculty of Chemistry of the UNAM


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